Week 3 in Madurai…

Ok, a little catch-up with the pictures! This is a view of the (North?) gate of Meenakshi Temple from inside the buiding itself. VERY pretty. One of the gates is covered in hundreds of statues of the gods. Each gate of the temple is said to have been built by a different ruler.

This is an example of the art work on the ceilings of the temple. Every single surface is decorated in paintings and sculptures.

This is one of the two elephants resident in the temple. One elephant stays in the temple and the other roams the streets of Madurai and then the next day they switch. If you give the elephants a few rupees they’ll bless you on the head with their trunks! It’s very cute. I have a great video of the other elephant walking up our street yesterday…

This was the amazing colour of the sky last Thursday evening. We saw the orange through a tiny gap in the roof inside the marketplace and thought there must have been a fire! It was the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen and the orange chnaged to the most amazing purples. I have LOADS of photos of this… and everything else :p

This is me with a newly married couple inside Meenakshi Temple.  I must have been in the wedding photos of at least 20 couples.

Anyway, there are more photos on my facebook page, they upload to facebook much faster than they do to wordpress!

So this week, I spent two days in the paediatric department and the remaining three in A&E. I think I’m going to spend all of my remaining time in A&E, the doctors there are really great and are always happy to explain things. In other wards/departments, the doctors will do their rounds and then spend the rest of their time catching up with paperwork. There’s also a huge variety of cases in A&E. Saying that, on Monday I correctly diagnosed a baby in the neonatal ward with Wilson’s Disease. I have to admit, the only reason the symptoms have ever stuck is because Wilson’s Disease was the diagnosis House made in one of the Season 1 shows, hahaha! But yes, the doctor was very impressed (none of the junior doctors knew) and afterwards called me ‘doctor’!!!

So today has been a bit odd as there’s been no power for most of the day. We got home and without the fan it was just too hot so we headed straight back out to the ice cream shop where they have a generator for air conditioning and, of course, ice cream. :p

This weekend Jenna, Esther and I are hoping to get some more shopping done. Everything here is so cheap and I’m DEFINITELY going to have to buy a hand-luggage-sized-suitcase to get everything home. But yes, better dash before there’s another powercut. There’s already been two in the 20 minutes I’ve been here! Thanks again to everyone for the lovely comments, they mean a lot. Lots of love xxxx


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mum
    Jul 23, 2010 @ 18:54:46

    How bizarre to see an elephant walking up the street! The pictures of the sky at sunset are beautiful and must have been spectacular to see. I take it you don’t fancy being famous then? I suppose that for some Indian people you will be one of only a few white people they have ever seen! Take care ~ not long to go now so make the most of it ~ love you loads Mum x x x x


  2. UP
    Jul 25, 2010 @ 11:50:19

    Great to read about more of your exciting trip. Being blessed by an elephant will be an experience you’ll never forget!
    Very smart diagnosis on the ward, too!
    Uncle P


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